Fragments, Desire - A Book of Poems

Love is language, and longing is translation.  Fragments, Desire is a dictionary of love, exploring its troubled and joyous borders with honesty and originality. Taking inspiration from Roland Barthes’ A Lover’s Discourse, Onjana Yawnghwe reimagines and transforms the text while paying homage to the beloved work.

 This suite of poems intertwines adoration of language with romantic longing. Here, stanzas become secret rooms and we get lost in the closing and opening of the chambers of the heart. The book murmurs down doorways; its pages breathe the desires we glimpse of in dreams. 

The book was published by Oolichan Books, August 2017. It includes original illustrations that play homage to the French artist Odilon Redon by Sawan Yawnghwe.

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